Try Freediving

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€ 40,00 • around 3/4 hoursdepth 5m

This program provides you with an introduction to the concepts and skills used by recreational freedivers, and allows you to dive dive in a confined water environment with an SSI Dive Professional.You will earn the SSI Try Freediving recognition rating after completing this program.

Basic Freediving
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€ 100,00 – around 7 ore – depth 5 mt.

This program provides you with the training and knowledge required to safely freedive with a buddy in pool/confined water environments to a depth of five meters. You Will learn:

-Dynamic swimming for 30 meters
–Breathing techniques and breathing training
-Effective finning techniques and streamlining for
-Freediving emercencies managment

+ 50.00 € for the international certification

From 6 years old

€ 30,00 

During our snorkeling excursion, transform yourself in a mermaid and explore the sea. Swim like a fish and learn how to control your breath.
The price included mermaid tale and photos.

It’s possible to have a Personal Diving Film for only 30€ more. Your instructor will realize some picture and video to remember this experience. We will edit them and you can get it in digital version or on a CD. (the price is for person for a couple it’s 50€)

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