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Le club de plongée Orso de Poltu Quatu est situé au cœur du Parc Marin de La Maddalena, à seulement 2 miles de l’île de Caprera, à 16 miles de l’île de Lavezziet à 18 miles de l’île de Tavolara. Cette zone est bien connue comme le « Sanctuaire méditerranéen »

Long Distance

Long Distance

This area is divided in two zones: the back sides of the Islands of Caprera and of The MonaciIsland Island. The dives of Caprera are effectuated near the coast (ideal also for snorkeling), on sea grounds and walls quickly reaching the depth of 40 meters. These dives are ideal both for Open Water Divers and for the Advanced Divers.

They’ll be surprised by the morphologic beauty of this grounds with enormous granite   rocks and monoliths forming passages and small caves: a true labyrinth of tunnels, where underwater life of any kind abounds. In particular the dives in the sea of Caprera have two great advantages: on one side, they are sheltered from the common north-west wind; on the other, their position guarantees the absence of strong drifts.

The second zone is located behind the Monaci Island, where the so called « Secche dei Monaci » are located: 8 dive itineraries with nothing to envy to the renowned dives of the Mouths of Bonifacio, showing very similar characteristics to these. In order to appreciate and enjoy these dives (Secca di Grecale, Secca Dorata, Secca di Maestrale, Secca delle Colonne, La Spacca delle Corvine, Secca dell’Uva, Greco dei Monaci and Secca dei Monaci Meda) for the longest time, we suggest the use a mixture of Enriched Air Nitrox 32%.

The dive spots of the Island of Caprera and of the Monaci Island are only 4-6 miles far away from Poltu Quatu

Towards north, to the Bonifacio Strait, there is a dozen of dive spots between Corsica, with its Marine Park of Lavezzi, and Sardinia, with its Marine Park of the Archipelago de La Maddalena. The dives in the Corsic area are characterized by a huge quantity of fish. At the « City of the Groupers » of Lavezzi, famous all over the world, giant groupers approach the divers in search of food. On the shoals of « Ponente », « Pilone », « Banco », « Ostro » and « Sperduti » you’ll be sure to see a lot of typical lair fishes like groupers, shadefish, breams, rocklings and morays, as well as free water fishes like amberjacks, dentexes and barracudas. All these dives have a maximum depth of 30 meters, with an average of nearly 18 meters. Therefore they are appropriate for Open Water Divers too. On the other side, the Sardinian area is characterized by the beauty of its underwater paths. The shoals of « Spargi », « Mezzogiorno », « Budelli » and « Razzoli » have a highly spectacular morphology, with castles of granite raising up from the sandy ground, in vertical walls of 20-30 meters, covered by the greatest red gorgons of the Mediterranean already at the depth of 15 meters. In this zone there is also a well known and unique dive spot, strictly reserved to the more expert divers: the deep dive at the « Shoal of the Black Coral », (the largest living branch of the Mediterranean Sea). Towards south, we propose the dives around the famous Mortoriotto Islet, well known for its splendid morphology, its gorgons and passage fishes, its singular two car-wrecks and the cave of the « Embolus of Capo Figari ». Then, the last but not the least « Shoal of the Pope », in the Marine Reserve of Tavolara, a spectacular dive spot under all points of view: morphology, colors, quantity and variety of flora and fauna. Its medium depth is approximately 30 meters, therefore it’s not appropriate for Open Water Divers. To enjoy the dive completely and for a longer time, we suggest the use of the mixture Enriched Air Nitrox 32%.
Toward south  we dive on one side under the Cliff of Mortoriotto, famous for its wonderful morphology, its red gorgons, free water fish and the wrecks of two cars, on the other at the cave of the Embolus of Capo Figari. Then on the Shoal of the Pope in the Marine Reserve of the Island of Tavolara, a spectacular dive under many aspects (morphology, colours, quantity and variety of flora and fauna) with an average depth of about 30m. This dive is therefore not for Open Water Divers and beginners. Moreover we suggest the use of NITROX 32.

The Shore of the Pope is an Extra Long Distance dive, as it is 18 miles far from Poltu Quatu.

Two new fantastic dives at the Island of the Bull in the Archipelago of the Cerbicali in Corsicawill astonish also the most exacting divers… Finally a valid alternative to the very well known City of the Groupers!

The dive at the Arcades of the Bull is a wonderful shoal, 2Km north of the Island of the Bull, in open sea, with its top at 17m and its bottom at 38m. The name comes from two suggestive arcades at the depth of about 30m, completely covered by giant red gorgons.

The second dive is the Shore of the Bull, 700m far away from the homonymous island. Its top is at 3m, while the maximum depth at 35m. It’s an ideal dive also for beginners, especially because in the first 15m it is possible to see all typical Mediterranean flora and fauna.

Two dives at the top and extremely full of fish ad colours, known and attended by very few divers, absolutely not to miss!

The Cerbicali Islands are 22ml far from Poltu Quatu, about ten miles north of the Island of Lavezzi.

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