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Corrado Azzali, the first and actual manager of the Orso Diving Club was born in Salsomaggiore T. in 1960. In 1977 he first discovered what he would later dedicate his life and career to; scuba diving.


In 1982 Corrado became a Dive Master and in 1986 an Instructor. At this point, he had enjoyed over 6,000 dives.


In 1987 Corrado set up his own Diving Centre, Orso Diving Center, after experiencing life as a Dive Guide and Instructor for 4 seasons in the Maldives.


In the following years, Corrado spent the summer seasons in Sardinia, and the winter ones in the Tropics:


1982 – 1990 in the Maldives (the last four seasons on cruise boats);
1991 – 1992 on Similand Island, again on a cruise boat;
1992 – 1996 in Egypt, Sudan and Cayo Largo Island (Cuba).


In these years, Corrado worked side by side with the wonderful Maddy, who sadly passed away in 96. They planned, started and managed nearly ten Diving Centers and Cruising Boats. Most of the times they are real “trend setters”: they are the first ones to organize cruises in the Maldives and Similand, the first ones to open and manage a Diving Center in Sudan, the first foreign society to lead a Diving Center in Cuba.


In 1993 Corrado meets Paola Pegoraro and in 1995 they get married. Corrado has now stopped working with activities abroad, in order to follow exclusively the Diving Base in Sardinia with Paola.


From ’92 to ’97 they directed the diving vacations sectors of different Travel Agencies, such as Line Diving – Grantour and Going Diving of Going Tours.


In 1998 Corrado and Paola created their own Tour Operator called “I Viaggi dell’Orso”, selling only locations directly managed by themselves (Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Port Sudan, Cayo Largo and Sardinia).


From 2000 to 2012, Orso Diving has continued to grow and evolve, acquiring new and more advanced boats, adding new excursions such as snorkeling and whale watching and adding new underwater destinations like Isola Cerbicale (South East Corsica).


Orso Diving also grew from a teaching point of view, becoming a PADI Resort 5 * and DSAT (PADI Technical Division) and a real international center where you can talk and do underwater recreational and technical courses in all the most popular languages.


In 2013, with the advent of the two new young partners, Alessandro Boschi and Luca Magliacca, Orso Diving has had a lot of innovation and enthusiasm.


Luca Magliacca in particular will take care, with the super vision of the “Old Bear” Corrado, of the “Bear Tek Department”, a sector dedicated to diving and teaching of technical diving. While Alessandro Boschi in addition to dealing with recreational education will also be the manager and instructor of the field “Apnea or freedive”

Today Orso Diving Club with its 32 consecutive seasons of the same management is one of the longest-lived diving centers in Italy, a guarantee of quality, professionalism and unequaled safety!

And 2019 will a new power cat “Scuba Cat” (motor catamaran the evolution of the current Bear-Cat) equipped with electric lift for the convenience of diversely disabled divers and tech divers.


Diving galleggiante - Che comodità
Paola Pegoraro

Mama Orsa from 1994

Corrado Azzali
Orso Capo from 1986
Giovanna Rosati
Giovanna PADI Instructor 2003 – 2009
Stefano D'Urso

          Stefano many year with Orso diving

Vittorio Carta
Simone Lapin Peregrini
Simone Dive Master 2009
Ferdinando Miscetti
Dive M. 2009- Instructor 2010 e 2013
Eleonora Cardinali

                Dive M. 2009- PADI Instructor 2010

Massimiliano Tesei
PADI assistent Instructor 2009
Giulia Colabianchi
PADI Assistent Instrucotr 2009
Margherita Angius
PADI Instructor 2007
Margherita Angius
PADI Instructor 2009

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