Orso Diving Club in Poltu Quatu

The diving center is built on a floating platform of 140 square meters, on the Jetty H of the suggestive Marina of Poltu Quatu. Unique in its kind, it offers unequalled solutions of comfort and functionality. Arriving at the Orso Diving Club you can directly transfer your equipment from your car to the diving center. The boats are moored around the wide veranda, which is also a very practical pier, used for loading and unloading operations, as well as to assemble the equipment and rinse it in a fresh water basin. Under the veranda there are also fresh water showers at the clients’ disposal. Those who effectuate multiple dives can leave all their equipment on board, even the bottle assembled with jacket and regulator. Thanks to the external air gauges of the compressor, we can fill the tanks directly on board, while the staff rinse them with water hoses.

Relax a Tahiti
I Gommoni dell'Orso Diving
La preparazione al diving prima della partenza


People who have taken part in a diving cruise should have certainly appreciated the organisation and the comfort of diving in such a lucky situation. The equipment is at the distance of an arm, in most cases the bottle remains assembled with jacket and regulator for the whole period and divers only need to put on their suits, jump on the rubber boat and go diving within a few minutes of navigation. Well, at the Orso Diving is practically the same. Take a look at our timetable: you will notice that between your arrival at the base and your departure from it just two hours go by, during which a dive of 50 minutes takes place without hurring up!

Ricarica Nitrox

The base is composed of the following spaces: compressor room, filling station, clients’ equipment storage room, office with “internet point” at the customers’ disposal, classroom, equipment room with rental desk and repairing service. On the roof of the structure it’s available for our customers a panoramic terrace to rest or lay in the sun. 50m from the diving center you can use the services of the Marina of Poltu Quatu, with toilets and hot showers.

Automatic and silenced filling station

N° 3 compressors Mc/h \\\\16 for a total of 48 cube meters per hour, filling hoses with 16 taps for dry-filling without heating the tanks. Nitrox filling station with pre-mix system, that allows to use normal tanks and equipment instead of dedicated.


N° 120 tanks (15 liters), double valves din/in;
N° 60 suits: single piece 30 x 5 mm + 30 x 7 mm;
N° 40 jackets
N° 30 complete regulators;
N° 30 open-heeled fins boot 5 mm;
N° 90 full-foot fis
N° 90 masks and snorkels
N° 10 underwater lights 50w Fa&Mi 2001
N° 10 computer Uwatec Ultra
N° 2 underwater scooters Apollo
N° 2 compact digital cameras
N° 1 set video Sony pc-9 hosing Nimar with lights 2×100 watt

Tel: +39 078999001
Mob: +39 3480641825

Orso Diving Club - Poltu Quatu
zwischen Baja Sardinia und Porto Cervo
07021 Arzachena (OT)
Sardinia, ITALY

Montag - Sonntag
h. 8:00 - 19:00