IN THE MORNING h. 9:45 / 13:00


“Cala Coticcio” is also famous as “Tahity” cause the incredible colour of the sea and the spectacular beauty of this enchanted bay of Caprera Island. An amaxing and relaxing excursions, suitable for all. You will spend an unique morning in one of the most spectacular place of Mediterranean Sea. This area is not only famous for these two bays and beaches, but also because is very reach of sea life as it’s the only one, in the Natural Park Area with Full Protection and every kind of fishing is forbidden.

Program: Meeting time at Orso Diving Base at 9.45 p.m. – Return planned at around 13.00 p.m.
On board of two big rubber boats adapted for diving and snorkeling activities, in just 5 minutes from Poltu Quatu we will reach the island of Caprera with the captain and the seaman (both diving instructors). Driving along the coast for about ten minutes we stop stop first at Cala Brigantina, a lovely cove. Not to be missed!
5 more minutes of navigation and we will reach Cala Coticcio (Thaity) where the boat will anchor in a strategic position of the cove in order to enjoy yourself  to snorkeling or reach the beaches and the beautiful and typical pink granite rocks.
At 12:30 you will be back on board to go back at the diving Center.


Participation fees: € 35.00

50% off for children under 8 years

Participation fees include: snorkeling set (fins, mask and snorkel), snorkeling buoy (1 every 2 persons), shorty.


Maxi rubbert boat