Orso Cat

Power Cat 2 engines 250 HP
Half covered
lenght 11 m.
Tuna tower & toilette.
N° max divers on board: 14


Rubber Boat half covered BWA Orsodiving E/B Diesel 315 Hp.
Lenght 9,60 m.
Fly-Bridge & Toilette
N° max divers on board: 10


Rubber Boat Open Lomac
Diving E/B 315 Hp.
lenght 10 m.
N° max divers on board: 10


ubber Boat BWA 850
Diving E/B 240 Hp
Lenght 8,50 m.
N° max divers on board: 10


Our mascot for diving courses and discovery scuba diving

All our boats are equipped with a decompression station, 5 liters O2 tank.dispensing on demand and continues, first-aid kit and safety equipment required by law. During the dive is always present on board a person to assist divers