Minelayer Cassini • French Navy


Depth: max 74m/min 69m. – Distance from the Diving 12 ml. – Navigation Time 40 –
QUORUM min. 6 divers’
A) Total dive time up to 150’ • € 90,00
B) Total dive time up to 210’ • € 120,00
C) Total dive time over: 210’ • € 150,00
Boat departure h. 09,00 – Return at about h. 13.45 (“A” Dive Type)


During the night of 27-28 February 1917, the French warship “Cassini” struck a mine in the Channel of Bonifacio. The munition bunker explodes, triggering a chain reaction. In two minutes the ship sank, killing 107 sailors.

The “Cassini” is now lying on a sandy bottom of 73 meters and is divided into two sections. Are perfectly visible 3 cannons including one of the bow, very big. A mistral the wreck pile up sand dunes, a reminder of the strong current that often beats the channel.
An explosion of sea gorgonians, sponges, oysters, betray the excellent condition of the wreck, confessing almost 100 years of rest in the Channel.


Type Minelayer • French Navy
Nationality French
Year of construction 1894
Shipyard Forges et Chantiers e la Mediterranee – Le Havre (Francia)
Lenght 80 mt.
Wight 8,20 mt.
Engines 2 four expansion machines
8 coal boilers
Propellers 2
Armamento 1-100 3.9lb 6-3lb 2 tls-347
Historical interest * * * * *
Photographic interest * * * *
Naturalistic interest